San Diego Vegan Bakery Partners With PETA Kids for ‘All-Star for Animals’ Contest

For Immediate Release:
May 18, 2021

Nicole Meyer 202-483-7382

San Diego – Because today’s kids are going vegan, speaking out against cruelty to animals, and coming up with all sorts of creative ways to help animals in their communities and beyond, PETA Kids is launching its first-ever All-Star for Animals Contest—and local favorite Maya’s Cookies will treat the winner to a shipment of its delicious vegan creations each month for a year. The contest is open to anyone 12 or under who cares about animals and doesn’t eat, wear, or use them in any other way.

“PETA Kids is delighted to join forces with Maya’s Cookies to treat an animal all-star to goodies that are as tasty as they are humane,” says PETA Senior Director of Youth Programs Marta Holmberg. “All the inspiring kids who enter our contest are wise beyond their years and doughing what they can to help make the world a better place for animals every day.”

The All-Star for Animals Contest is a revamped version of PETA Kids’ past Cutest Vegan Kid Contest. Previous winners and runners-up include a gymnast, a wrestler, and a football player, all of whom credited vegan eating with helping them get strong and fit; a kindergartner who designed his own pro-vegan T-shirts; and a 10-year-old who encouraged her teacher and classmates to go vegan, too.

The nominating round ends on June 2, public voting to help determine the finalists ends on June 14, and voting to help determine the winner and runner-up ends on June 25. The kids will be notified and featured on the PETA Kids website by June 29. In addition to monthly cookie deliveries, the winner will receive a gift bag of merchandise from PETA Kids and a unique award. See the full contest details here.

PETA Kids’ motto is “Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way,” and the group opposes speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview. For more information, please visit or follow the group on Instagram and Facebook.



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