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Yummy Vegan Cookies

If you ever meet me, you’ll know that I have one of the biggest sweet tooth ever. For me, cookies are one of my serious weaknesses. However, I do try be conscious of my snacking as not to eat too poorly. With Maya’s Cookies, I don’t feel as guilty, because her cookies are vegan gourmet. With every bite, I can definitely taste the love put into each cookie.

So Crisp Yet Mouth Watering

Besides being such a wonderful bakery, Maya’s Cookies sponsor community engagement to help the underprivileged with her philanthropic work. What I love about Maya’s cookies is that she does not over do any of the flavors. Her cookies are the classics, that you are familiar with and that you have grown up loving to snack on. Some of them being the marble fudge and the chocolate chip s’mores cookies.

Because I love cookies so much, I tried The Motherload collection. The Motherload box comes with one each of the following flavors: Marble Fudge, Classic Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip S’mores, Caramel Pecan, Everything, White Chocolate Macadamia, Brown Sugar Butterscotch, Birthday Cake, Funfetti, Snickerdoodle, White Chocolate Espresso, and Chocolate Funfetti. Every cookie is just under two ounces and is individually wrapped.

I can’t say enough how delicious the white chocolate espresso cookie was! You can smell the coffee in the cookie. It consists of delicious Turkish espresso with white chocolate. The texture is soft and each bite crumbles in your mouth. I paired it with some black tea, and I had myself the yummiest snack!

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