Maya’s Cookies Black History Month Collection: Hank Aaron, Debbie Allen & Amanda Gorman, Veganized

It’s always fun to see what creations Maya’s Cookies in San Diego, will come up with. Made with all vegan products but non vegans alike enjoy the popular cookies as well, the No. 1 Black-owned vegan company in the country is masterful at creating innovative recipes. A customer favorite, the limited-edition “The Obama,” a veganized cookie created as a tribute to former first lady Michelle Obama, is amazing, and, should come as no surprise that the decadent chocolate chip cookie sold out fast. That’s what happens when you create something so delicious!


It really is hard to believe that they’re vegan.

And now, to kick off Black History month, Maya’s creative baking skills have kicked into high gear, and here’s what she came up with: Three new delicious cookies featuring three prominent figures in the Black community whom she admires, and has decided to use their lives and accomplishments as inspiration to create unique cookie flavors in their honor.

For Black History Month 2021, Maya’s Cookies with feature: The Hank AaronThe Debbie Allen, and The Amanda Gorman,  The Black History Month Collection.


Below is a description of the Cookie Collections


When Maya hear of Hammerin’ Hanks’ passing, she immediately thought to honor him. Maya’s husband was a baseball player and they are a huge baseball family, so Hank Aaron’s legacy lives on in their house and at Maya’s Cookies. This cookie is an ode to a favorite ballpark snack— bursting with Cracker Jack pieces, roasted peanuts, and butterscotch chips (with flakey sea salt on top), this delicious cookie will have you singing “Take me out to the ballgame!” 


From her days on the show FAME to her amazing Hot Chocolate Nutcracker, Maya LOVES the passion and ferocity of Debbie Allen. When Maya found out that Ms. Allen was one of the 43rd Kennedy Center Honorees, Maya wanted to celebrate! Maya added marshmallow into her classic creamy chocolate dough and finished it with chocolate sprinkles to make the perfect Hot Chocolate Cookie. This cookie makes you want to DANCE!


Maya was one of the millions of people who fell in love with our National Youth Poet Laureate. Her astounding and moving delivery of “The Hill We Climb” at the 2021 Inauguration was an absolute inspiration. Maya wanted to honor the power and possibility that this young black woman represents. This lemon raspberry cookie was inspired by Amanda’s stunning yellow coat and striking red headband. With the raspberries soaked in lemon juice overnight, chunks of white chocolate, and a dash of lemon zest, every bite gives you a sweet tartness that is bound to make anyone feel like “there is always light,” and that we all are “brave enough to be it.”


You’d better hurry up and get yours before they’re gone. Click on link to check out the Black History Month Collection

Maya’s Cookies is located at 4760 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego, CA 92120

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