Meet Maya

Maya's Cookies... How it all began.

I love cookies! Frustrated with the lack of options for vegans like myself that want an old fashioned crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside chocolate chip cookie in stores, I began making them myself. Over the years I have been perfecting my vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe for my three sons and husband. I would bring my secret recipe cookies to my kid's schools for birthdays and special events. The kids would mob me, begging for more...true story! My cookies were becoming local celebrities among friends and families. "Wow, this is the best cookie I have ever tasted" - This was repeated over and over. After explaining that the cookies were not only delicious and addicting, but also VEGAN...I would almost have to catch them from fainting in disbelief. Maya's Cookies were born. Maya's cookies are so delicious because I use only the finest organic, premium whole food ingredients. These cookies are made in small batches and mixed by hand for a genuine homemade taste. I am proud to say that Maya's Cookies are 100% plant based, dairy free and cruelty free.

You are going to LOVE them!