The Best Vegan Spots to Try This Fall

Wolfie’s Hot Chicken was one of many restaurants that attended the Los Angeles Vegan Street Fair Nights event this past Saturday and Sunday. (Mira Bhatt | Daily Trojan)

Vegan food often gets a bad rap. Still, whether you’re already a fan of vegan food or have never even tried it, the hot vegan restaurants showcased at Vegan Street Fair Nights 2022 this past weekend are definitely worth a shot. These innovative chefs have explored cuisines around the world, ranging from Mexico to Japan, and are ready for Los Angeles locals to taste their creations. While not all of these restaurants are based in L.A., they all traveled to North Hollywood to share their dishes at the event, a fair with over 50 plant-based vendors, DJs and entertainment. And, with fall break approaching, there is no better time to head out on an adventure to try something new. Here are the best savory and sweet vegan spots that you should try next.

Cena Vegan in L.A.

Cena Vegan is a delicious vegan Mexican street food restaurant serving tacos, burritos, nachos and more. Their vegan carne asada and pollo asado tacos taste like the real deal and have customers coming back for more. Their food is not the only thing that has customers hooked – their vegan horchata is the perfect thirst-quencher, with a classically delicious cinnamon flavor, minus the dairy milk. Although Cena Vegan does not have a sit-down location, you can order delivery for their mouth-watering plant-based Mexican food.

Hangari House in L.A.

If you are a kimchi lover, Hangari House is the place for you. Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish consisting of fermented and pickled vegetables, and if you’ve never had it, Hangari House is the place to try it. This restaurant’s kimchi is made in small batches with ingredients sourced directly from Seoul, South Korea. Trying their kimchi in their kimbap roll or cucumber kimchi is an absolute must. 

Dream Cuisine in Oakland

Dream Cuisine provides you with a dream culinary experience, specializing in vegan West African and Afro-Latin cuisine. The restaurant, located in Oakland, provides customers with vegan versions of fan-favorite Cameroonian dishes like Ndolé, a spinach stew, and Jollof Rice, a mix of rice, tomatoes, onions, spices and other vegetables. If you have the opportunity to take a road trip up to the Bay Area, Dream Cuisine is a must-try. 

Erbs Vegan Kitchen in Las Vegas

Erbs Vegan Kitchen is the place to go if you are craving some comfort food. Their jalapeno popper cheese quesadilla has the perfect amount of flavor added to spice up a traditional quesadilla, and their buffalo cauliflower bites are a hit. Although they do not always have food stands in L.A., Erbs Vegan Kitchen is located in Las Vegas and is the perfect lunch spot if you ever visit. 

Maya’s Cookies in San Diego

Maya’s Cookies hails from a little further down south in San Diego. They provide customers with delicious sweet snacks to eat at any time of the day. The all-vegan bakery has a variety of exciting cookies, including a chai snickerdoodle and the “Drunken Grandma,” a tasty combination of oatmeal and rum-soaked raisins. If you are ever craving dessert, these vegan cookies are the perfect solution. 

Plant Power Fast Food in Hollywood

Craving a burger or chicken nuggets? Plant Power Fast Food provides you with all the delectable fast food options to quench your hunger. Their take on chicken nuggets are perfectly crispy and chewy and taste as good as getting nuggets from any late-night drive-thru restaurant. You can order online for delivery or pickup or sit down at their cozy restaurant location in Hollywood. 

Rock & Roll Pizza in L.A.

At Rock & Roll Pizza, you are transported to a vegan pizza paradise. Their ooey gooey delicious plant-based cheese tastes like dairy cheese, and the crusts have a perfect crunch to them. Their Baja Soy-rizo slice is a tasty afternoon treat. If you have the chance, go to one of their three locations nearby and give Rock & Roll Pizza a shot. 

Vegano By Stick Station in L.A.

On a hot L.A. day, popsicles from Vegano By Stick Station will be the perfect cold treat for you. Their creative and tasty pops are dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free and are made with organic rice milk. They feature exciting and innovative flavors like mango chili, coconut dream and matcha chocolate. Try one of their refreshingly tasty bars at their L.A. location. 

Voodoo Vegan in L.A.

If you are looking for some delicious gumbo and Cajun food, Voodoo Vegan is the place to go. Try their Po Boys or cheesy mac n’ cheese — you won’t regret it. Voodoo Vegan’s plant-based shrimp is also a staple, so grab a bite of their shrimp tacos, shrimp Po Boy or just get a basket of shrimp! The tasty Cajun food restaurant is not a sit-down place, but you can pick up food from their location in L.A. 

Wolfie’s Hot Chicken in L.A.

Wolfie’s Hot Chicken is the place to go if you are looking for a delicious plant-based take on fried chicken. Their innovative Seoul Fried Chicken Sandwich is to die for with the restaurant’s homemade Korean BBQ sauce and its red gochujang bun. Plus, you can’t even tell it is not real chicken! Wolfie’s has two locations in L.A., so head on over and give it a try.

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