Sista Circle - Black Women in Tech - THE GREEN GUIDE

 The Green Guide. This virtual guide is a nod to The Green Book, the travel book made by Black people for Black people in the American South in the 1900s.  This travel book was necessary because Black folks living in these places could not travel freely and safely due to systemic racism; therefore, Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech researched and developed their own travel guide that provided resources to where to eat, rest and shop during their adventures. 
This is the 4th annual virtual guide and the largest guide with over 200 businesses. In past years, this was branded  as a "Holiday Gift Guide" to support Black owned businesses during the end of year season.  This year, it is different.  This is NOT a holiday gift guide but rather a virtual book that showcases the top notch quality and precision of Black owned products that should be viewed, featured and shopped throughout the whole year. 
To review and save a copy of the Guide, download it here

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