Maya's Cookies: Proud Sponsor of ABC 10News: Black in America

Maya's Cookies is the sponsor of the ABC 10News Special: Black in America.

Maya Madsen, CEO and Founder of Maya’s Cookies is proud to sponsor this special because it honors the black community.

The black community showed up for her when she opened up her store in Grantville.

She believes "Representation, Mentorship, Leadership MATTERS."

So when she had the opportunity to be a part of this special, the first thing she thought of was having a platform to say thank you to the black community for all they have brought to her and her family and let them know "I SEE THEM!"

NBA Champion and Wellness Entrepreneur, John Salley, is now teaming up with Maya's Cookies because "I don’t take risks, I work with winners. Maya is an incredibly hard-working and genuine businesswoman, but most importantly – she has an incredible and unique product."

Maya believes that progress has been made in racial equity and that some paths have started to clear. She hopes that her fellow business community members see that there is opportunity but it is hard work. "But we can do it, we can follow our dreams."

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