Daily Business Report-June 29, 2020

Written by SD Metro Magazine

Maya Madsen, owner of Maya's Cookies, saw orders surge in early June. (Photo courtesy of Maya's Cookies)

Local Business Success Stories

Maya's Cookies sees 10,000 percent spike in growth

In the midst of a wave of support for Black-owned businesses, San Diego-based Maya's Cookies saw orders surge to a 9,990 percent increase above previous levels. Owner and founder Maya Madsen was able to bring back her furloughed staff and hire 20 additional part-time employees to help fulfill vegan cookie orders.

The vegan gourmet cookie company is sold online with nationwide delivery, at farmer's market and in select retailers in San Diego was hit hard in the pandemic. Steady at about 20 orders per day, the pandemic climate forced Madsen, owner and founder, to furlough about half of her seven employees.

But on June 2, which marked the eighth day of protests since George Floyd's death, the company turned a corner. The company started to see order surge with 2,000 orders in one day, a 9,990 percent increase over previous levels.

Madsen attributes heavy demand to the momentum around Black Lives Matter movement and a historic concerted and concentrated effort to buy from Black-owned businesses like hers. "I decided th use this spike to give back to my community in the form of jobs as well as supporting charities directly related to the movement" said Madsen. "It is a trickle-down effect and I am happy to be a part of it".


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